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National Monitoring Committees on NTBs
Corruption along the Northern and Central Corridors (police roadblocks, weighbridge and border gates).
Posted on : 01 - Aug - 2012 - Viewed : 29 times

Affected countries :Partner States

NTB source & Ministry/Department/ Agency for action :Police, Customs, Anti-corruption agencies and Private Sector.

Impact to businesses : Increased cost of doing business

Prioritized Action :Implementation of policies, regulations and actions that will combat corruption

Bottlenecks or Success Factor Lack of goodwill from all parties

Recommendations :The Ministers decided that Partner States should :
(i) Sensitize their stakeholders ;
(ii) Enforce sanctions for offenders ;
(iii) Expedite the introduction of electronic tracking of cargo ; and
(iv) Increase highway patrols as preference over road blocks.


Kenya : Deployed 10 vehicles doing highway patrols to ensure security ; ethics and anti corruption commission.

Tanzania : PCCB to sensitize all government department against corruption ;
Each institution has a budget line for Sensitization of corruption in Ministries ; Cargo tracking system

Uganda : dealing with issues of corruption by fitting cameras to monitor activities at the borders, weighbridges etc ; police officers have been arraigned in court with cases of corruptions ; hotlines to report corruption cases by the public.

RWANDA : hotline ; cameras ; anti corruption commission ; police anti corruption campaign ; print media against corruption

BURUNDI : Anti corruption bureau and a hotline

Time-frame : Ongoing