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National Monitoring Committees on NTBs
Activities of NMC secretariat
Posted on : 23 - Jul - 2012 - Viewed : 994 times

Rwanda’s NMC has been at the forefront of identifying and monitoring the removal of NTB’s in Rwanda and within the EAC Partner States.
The improved operation of the NMC in Rwanda has focused on strengthening its management and organization and developing new processes for NTBs monitoring and elimination. It is emphasizing the importance of introducing a strategic approach in addressing the key technical, institutional and political issues surrounding the NTBs while planning NTB related activities simultaneously at the national and regional level.
The NMC work plan is built around three strategic outcomes, each contributing to an important capacity issues and processes in the monitoring and elimination of NTBs. The three outcomes of the work plan are as follows :
i) Established effective NMC organization and capacity for monitoring of NTBs
ii) Increased capacity of NMC in advocacy for eliminating of NTBs at national and regional level
iii) Improved mechanisms for elimination of cross-border NTBs

Some of the NMC key activities iclude :

  • Developing and updating National Plans for Elimination of NTBs
  • Registering and classifying NTBs
  • Conduct Research on key NTBs topics
  • Advocacy for addressing priority NTBs
  • Bilateral resolution of trade disputes
  • Maintaining visibility of the NMC activities

The NMC meets in plenary sessions on a quarterly basis. Once per month, the NMC Coordinator convene the meeting of Team Leaders of sub committees to monitor implementation of the operation plans.