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National Monitoring Committees on NTBs
Charges of plant import permit (PIP) at Malaba for Ugandan tea destined for auction at Mombasa.
Posted on : 01 - Aug - 2012 - Viewed : 37 times

Affected countries :Uganda, Burundi

NTB source & Ministry/Department/ Agency for action : Kenya Plant Health Services (KEPHIS)

Impact to businesses : Adds to cost of doing business.

Prioritized Action : Abolish charges.

Bottlenecks or Success Factor Resistance from issuing authority

Status / Recommendations : Kenya informed the meeting that the charge is a legal requirement for tea destined for Mombasa Auction.

The issue will be addressed once EAC SPS protocol is concluded and ratified by Partner States. The draft protocol will be considered by the Sectoral Council on Legal and Judicial Affairs in March, 2012.

The Ministers decided that Partner States should recognize certificates issued by accredited institutions of other Partner States

Time-frame : December, 2012.