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National Monitoring Committees on NTBs
Several Police roadblocks along Northern and Central Corridors, estimated at 36 between Mombasa-Kigali and 30 between Dar Es Salaam to Rusumo border
Posted on : 01 - Aug - 2012 - Viewed : 54 times

Affected countries :All EAC Partner States Rwanda Uganda Burundi

NTB source & Ministry/Department/ Agency for action :EAC Partner States Police Departments.

Impact to businesses : Delays in transport. Bribes, estimated at US$ 0.55 per roadblock per truck on Ugandan side and US$ 1.3 Kenyan side, or USD 25.70 on the Northern Corridor per truck. USD 7.5 per roadblock per truck

Prioritized Action : Issue clear guidelines on reasons for stopping commercial vehicles, a daily record of vehicles stopped, reasons and measures taken.

Bottlenecks Resistance to remove roadblocks on argument they are mounted for security reasons.

Success Factor Follow-up on political decision to remove roadblocks

Status / Recommendations : Kenya reported that she has reduced the road blocks from 36 to 9.

Rwanda removed all road blocks in November 2008.

Uganda has 9 roadblocks between Malaba and Gatuna/Katuna.

Burundi has removed all road blocks.

Tanzania has reduced roadblocks from Dar es Salaam to Rusumo from 30 to 15. Tanzania has advertised tender for introduction of electronic cargo tracking.

Time-frame : Also Tanzania has introduced :

(i) Fleet management system where transporters are required to stop/report at the identified centers. This done between Tanzania police force and investment climate facilities project that started last year.

(ii) Identify check points along Dar es Salaam to Rusumo with all necessary communication facilities to ease the movement of goods.

The Ministers decided that :

i) EAC Partner States undertake to explore measures
ii) to exempt transit traffic from inspection at the police road blocks ; and
iii) Harmonized electronic cargo tracking system should be adopted.


(I) Tanzania reported that the car tracking system is now operational.