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National Monitoring Committees on NTBs
Existence of several weighbridge stations in the Central and Northern Corridors.
Posted on : 01 - Aug - 2012 - Viewed : 67 times

Affected countries : Rwanda Uganda and Burundi

NTB source & Ministry/Department/ Agency for action :Kenya - Ministry of Transport

Tanzania -TANROADS

Impact to businesses : Time lost at the weighbridges leads to loss of business as goods do not reach their destination in time

Prioritized Action :Reduction of weighbridges to two, one at the port of entry and the other at the port of exit

Bottlenecks or Success Factor Political goodwill from the Partner States.

Status / Recommendations :EAC Secretariat informed the meeting that Draft EAC Vehicle Load Control Bill, 2012 was adopted by a Multi-Sectoral Council in February 2012.

The number of weigh bridges should reduce to three in Tanzania and Kenya. In case of Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda to be two.

The Ministers decided :

i) to reduce the weighing requirement for transit traffic to two, one each at the entry and exit points ;

ii) Tanzania to await the outcomes of the studies on the optimal number of weighbridges in the region’s trunk road network.

Time-frame :Burundi, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda by June 2012,

Rwanda has no weighbridge ; Uganda cargo is weighed at point of entry and exit ; Burundi, no weighbridges ; Kenya has four weighbridges and is reducing to two for transit cargo by December 2012