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National Monitoring Committees on NTBs
Numerous institutions involved in testing goods.
Posted on : 31 - Jul - 2012 - Viewed : 28 times

Affected countries : All EAC Partner States

NTB source & Ministry/Department/ Agency for action : Statutory agencies.

Impact to businesses : Time wasted.

Prioritized Action : Need to invest in One-Stop-Centres and electronic single window systems at border stations

Develop and implement mutual recognition instruments

Bottlenecks or Success Factor Insufficient financial resources for investment in buildings, facilities and IT system/ equipment., collaboration of all institutions into fast-tracking the procedures under the same roof.

(i) collaboration among the regulatory agencies be enhanced ;
(ii) agencies operate under one stop centres as is currently being done between Kenya and Uganda ;

(iii) agencies collaborate at the national borders with a view to fast tracking clearance of goods at border entry points ; and
(iv) Mutual recognition of certificates issued by agencies be implemented.
Status :

Status / Recommendations :Tanzania reported that Dar Es Salaam port had started implementing one stop testing centre.

Malaba border between Kenya and Uganda is operating one post border centre

Rwanda has introduced an electronic single window through which testing bodies share information through the system electronically

UNBS is introducing an electronic single window through which information is shared electronically.