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National Monitoring Committees on NTBs
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Organization of members

Membership is drawn from the following ministries, agencies and representatives of the private sector and civil society sector :

Government Ministries

  1. Ministry of Trade & Industry (MINICOM)
  2. Ministry of East African Affairs (MINEAC)
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation (MINAFFET)
  4. Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI)
  5. Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA)
  6. Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN)

Government Agencies

  1. Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS)
  2. Rwanda National Police,
  3. Directorate of Immigration and Emigration,
  4. Rwanda Development Board (RDB)
  5. National Agricultural Exports Board (NAEB)
  6. Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA)
  7. Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB)
  8. Road Transport Development Agency (RTDA)
  9. Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA)
  10. Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA)
  11. Kigali City Council

Private Sector & Civil Society Representatives :

  1. Private Sector Federation (PSF)
  2. Association for the Defence of Consumers Rights in Rwanda (ADECOR)
  3. Coffee Exporters and Processors Association in Rwanda (CEPAR)
  4. Brasseries et Limonaderies du Rwanda S. A. (BRALIRWA)
  5. Societé Rwandaise pour la production et la commercialisation du Thé S.A. R. L. (SORWATHE)
  6. Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP) of the East East Africa Civil Society Organizations Forum (EACSOF)
  7. Association of Rwanda Long Distance Truck Drivers (ACPLRWA)
  8. Petrocom Limited
  9. Association Des Assureurs du Rwanda(ASSAR)
  10. Petroleum Importers Association (ASSIMPER)
  11. SDV Transami
  12. Association des Agences en Douane du Rwanda (ADR)
  13. Akagera Business Group
  14. Rwanda Transporters Association (ATAR)
  15. Rwanda Bankers Association (ABR)
  16. Magasins Généraux du Rwanda (MAGERWA)

       NMC Background

       Mission and mandate

       Organization structure


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