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National Monitoring Committees on NTBs
NMC Background
Posted on : 23 - Jul - 2012 - Viewed : 1110 times

As envisaged by EAC Protocol, the key mechanism for monitoring and coordination of NTB elimination are the National Monitoring Committees on NTBs (NMCs). Their goal is to establish effective NTBs monitoring and elimination mechanism at national and regional level.

The NMCs are established in all five EAC countries with members from the business community and the key government institutions.

Following a directive of the East African Community Council of Ministers from its meeting held in August 2006 which adopted the Mechanism from identifying and monitoring removal of Non-Tariff Barriers developed by EAC in collaboration with the East African Business Council (EABC), the Ministry of Trade and Industry requested relevant government ministries, institutions, agencies and private sector organizations to nominate representatives to the Rwanda National Monitoring Committee for Elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers (NMC) . The NMC was officially launched on 29th July 2008 and had its first meeting on 28th November 2008. Since then, the NMC was quite active but without a dedicated staff to coordinate and focus on its activities only. In August 2011, the NMC Coordinator was appointed with funding from TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) and the NMC was revamped for improved efficiency.

The NMC main role is, among other things, to classify and prioritize NTBs affecting Rwanda and assess their impact both on Rwanda’s trade, as well as on trade and investment relations with the EAC member states.


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